Obesity is one of the major problems that the world is suffering from. Not only adults but are students also suffering from obesity and the main reason behind it is lack of exercise and over eating of snacks and other junk food. Obesity can prove to be very dangerous if it is not controlled timely. That’s why, it is highly advised to a person that if you are suffering from obesity, then follow some effective steps that can help you to overcome obesity.

In order to avoid the problem, people generally choose the path of gym and spend a lot of time over there in doing different types of exercises. Gym can reduce the weight but it is a very long as well as daunting way to reduce the weight. If you want to reduce the weight early, then it is best for you to take any kind of supplement that can not only help you to reduce your weight early but it is also a very easy as well as effective method. Recently, CNN cornell student weight loss story got popular in which a girl from Cornell university lost ample weight in just a month. She told that she lost her weight naturally making use of two ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia apple and cider vinegar.

How to make use of these two supplements?

Garcinia Cambogia consists of a natural ingredient, hydroxycitcric acid that helps the body to stop or reduce the production of fat inside the body and increases the rate metabolism to around 130%. This will help the body to overcome the obesity without doing any kind of physical or body exercise. However, this combination can do many more things that include –

  • Removal of all the harmful toxins present inside the body.
  • Increases the level of energy inside the body and also enhances the mood.
  • Reduces appetite that means you don’t feel hungry always, so you take very less amount of food that also helps you in the process of weight loss.

It is also believed that if a person takes this combination for a month, then he can lose almost 37 lbs of weight that is very high in comparison to gym and other physical exercises.

How to take it?

Take warm water and in that mix 1-2 spoon of apple cider vinegar. With the drink of apple cider vinegar, you need to take garcinia cambogia that is easily available in the market in the form of pills.

  • Week one – after week one you can see the change in yourself as you feel high on energy and feel less heavy. In the first week, you can lose around 9 lbs of weight.
  • Week three – after three weeks of medication you can almost lose 16lbs of weight and also acquire a very high level of energy.
  • Week fourth – this is the last week of your medication in which you can see yourself normal as like other people and you can absolutely overcome from this issue.